If you are  the looking for easy to-do online jobs, and want to have fun at the same time that this is the right place for you.

  • Micro Jobs Online are Simple and Quick tasks for online job seekers and Employers. 
  • Currently site has five categories of campaign / jobs for employers and workers.
  1. USA/UK/AU/CA campaign
  2. International campaign
  3. Limited Countries campaign
  4. Hired Group campaign
  5. Paid to Click campaign
For complete details please check employer guideline

  • Micro jobs specializes in pay-per-action . They connects advertisers (Employers) with publishers (Workers) in a super partnership to help you reach your customers across the world, and help you generate natural-organic web traffic and increase business sales or get paid without Investment. Publishers generate income as a result of your actions (work performed by you). You will be paid via any method available, after reaching the minimum amount to withdraw funds. 
  • We do not promise you will be able to sustain a living off the earnings, but it can definitely be a 2nd income

 To find more about the jobs and marketing or earning please check workers or employer guidelines


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