Frequently Asked Questions
General questions

Q: What do the icons mean? 
A: It is explained below. 

USA JobsUsa JobsInternational JobsInternational jobsMicro Jobs CountriesSelected Countries jobsttHired group jobsPTCPaid to Click (PTC)

Q: Do I need to pay for registration?
A: No, you don't. Registration is and will completely free forever. All you need to do is to validate your email address

Q: Are there any Deposit & Withdraw fees?
A: Yes, there are. But for limited time only :-)
For our site maintenance and administration expenses fees are mentioned bellow:

6% fees will be charged from the total amount of withdraw requested. 
5% fees will be charged from the total amount of deposit.

Upgraded members do not pay any deposit/withdrawal fees, however everyone pays transaction fees (except posting Free Sell/Exchange/Service offers).

If you do not want to buy an upgrade you can save/waive these fees by inviting only 500 friends.
Then you will never be charged for any withdrawal/deposit fees forever. :-)

Q: What about other fees?
Each worker pays an admin fee but only if he received a payment from an Employer. It is always 5% of that amount. This fee is deducted automatically. 
The current admin fee for selling/exchange offer is 10% (from total paid by buyer).

Q: What is Wallet Balance and Cash Balance?

A: Wallet Balance is total amount of vouchersrefunds and instant deposits, which are non-withdrawable. It can be use on site to start a new campaign or buy anything .
Cash balance is a total amount of earnings from jobsreferrals, and other commissions which can be withdraw / cashout or start a new campaign, and to generate vouchers

Q: One of the Offerwalls is not accessible for me. Why and what should I do?
A: Some errors may occur from time to time (eg. database error) so please be patient and try again in few minutes or hours. Also you should always follow the instructions. Otherwise you will receive a warning and your account may be permanently suspended. 

Q:. How to increase my earnings on your website?
A: Firstly - stay active, try to use all income opportunities. 
Secondly - choose jobs carefully and try to keep your Success Rate above 25%
Thirdly - visit our Offerwalls as often as you can. Click on all available PTC ads and complete some tasks or surveys (visit some Offerwalls more than one time a day or simply reload the offerwall page). Please remember - do not complete offers or tasks here if you have completed them somewhere else. Use tabs in offerwall window to find interesting earning opportunities.
MinuteStaff - check different tabs frequently and follow the instructions. Become a "Loyal OfferWall Users" and receive more targeted ads. To become a "Loyal OfferWall User", you need at least $5 USD in total OfferWall earnings and have 30 days passed since your OfferWall registration date.
OfferToro - unlock high paying surveys by answering a few simple questions (offerwall payments are pending for 45 days).
PTCWall - click on all available ads on daily basis and complete also Quick Tasks and Network Offers.
ClixWall - click on all available ads on daily basis and complete also Tasks and Offers.
CPAlead - go to bottom of the frame and click on Offers button.
Fourthly - promote our webiste and receive a commission for each referral who will complete at least one successful job.
Fifthly - if you can or want to sell anything you can post your free offer and receive new orders.
Sixthly - multiply your earnings by upgrading your account. Check our affiliate program.
Stay tuned for more. We are currently working on many new improvements.
Please notice that you will receive payment from CPAlead after 15 days and from AdWork Media after 60 days (please visit our blog for more details).

Posting, approving, rejecting offers/jobs

Q: How to post a new campaign?
A: Please follow these steps:
1. Click on Start a New Campaign Button on the Member Dashboard (or choose this option from drop-down menu)
2. Choose the type of your campaign
3. Enter all requested data (such as: price, number of workers, category/subcategory, job details, required proof, etc, Do not forget to add your referral link!)
4. Click on Create my campaign button
5. Make a payment (all unpaid campaigns will be auto-deleted after 7 days).
6. Wait for the admin approval

Q: I'm an Employer. I need to know the whole process for my campaign
A: Please check Employer's guideline (click here), or send a support ticket. 

Q: I'm a worker. I need to know the whole process for completing a successful job?
A: Please check Worker's guideline (click here), or send a support ticket. 

Q: When does the system clear rejected submissions?
A: The system doesn't clear them automatically. An user should do that by himself by clicking on Resume Campaign button which appears on Proofs page when all slots are in use. Please notice that all pending submissions will be automatically approved, so we recommend to review them beforehand.

Q: How long do I have to wait for auto-approval of my submission?
A: We extended this period to 21 days. After this time all pending submissions will be auto-approved by the system. An Employer can review and accept your submission within this time. 

Success rate

Q: What is a Success rate?
A: Success rate is an important part for worker reputation and  working experience.
You must Accept the job only which you are capable to complete ,
Submitting Wrong Proof will result in marked you Not satisfied and you success rate will decline.
You must maintain your success rate above 25%.

Q: How is Success Rate calculated?
A: Success Rate is calculated based on your Satisfied & Not satisfied task which you have done since you have joined.
If you have more Not Satisfied jobs than Satisfied Jobs - your Success Rate will decline. 
You must maintain Your Success Rate all the time by selecting job only which you are capable to do.
(Pending task doesn't count in Success Rate calculation)

Q: I cannot get any job, why?
Success rate goes below 25% will not be able to submit task or withdraw funds automatically by system.
Did Employer misstate you and you cannot get more jobs? Contact Support with a Job proof and we will investigate all details and if you are right we will reset your success-rate. But remember: you must select the job carefully and submit the correct proof since you have two chances to do it.

Membership level 

Q: What are membership levels and benefits? 
Basic Member
Silver Members
Golden Member
StandardReferral Bonus

Standard Referral Bal Commission

Standard Referral Commission
     (duration period) Lifetime

Standard Campaign fees

Standard Minimum deposit required

Standard Deposit Fees

Standard Minimum Withdrawal required

Standard Withdrawal Fees

Balances expire after 30 day(s) of inactivity

Higher Referral Bonus

Higher Referral Bal Commission

Higher Referral Commission
     (duration period) - 365 days

Lower Campaign Fees

Lower Minimum deposit required

No deposit Fees

Lower Minimum Withdrawal required

No Withdrawal fees

Balances never expire

Highest Referral Bonus

Highest Referral Bal Commission

Highest Referral Commission
     (duration period) - 365 days

The Lowest Campaign Fees

The Lowest Minimum deposit required

No deposit Fees

The Lowest Minimum Withdrawal required

No Withdrawal fees

Balances never expire

Membership cost: Free Membership cost: (Please login to see) Membership cost: (Please login to see)
More information about membership benefits can be found here

Referral system 

Q: What is referral system ?how can I earn by refer friends? 
A: please check the complete referral system click here  to know how you can make money everyday!


Q: What is Signup-Bonus and How can I use it ?
A: When you signup you will get $0.50 Signup Bonus deposited in your Wallet balance instantly.
Signup bonus can be use to start a new campaign.


Q: I have not logged in for a long time. Will my account be suspended?
A: No, it will not. But you must log-in once every 30 days or your balances will be zeroed (unless you have an active upgrade). Account will never be suspended due to inactivity reason. Even if you do not complete any job, you should log-in and log-out once every 30 days into your account to maintain your account active and we will be sure that you are here to stay. Your account can only be suspended if you violate our rules mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.

Vouchers / Coupons

Q: How can I use Voucher or Coupon?
A: Firstly - generate or redeem a Voucher.
Member can generate a voucher if they have sufficient balance in their withdraw able balance.
Voucher are free of cost to generate or redeem.
Generated voucher  can be use for later for redeem and site use only.
Generated voucher code will be one time use only. It is valid for 1 year.
Voucher code will be emailed to member.
Member can send this code to their friends or gift  or to share balance.

Q: I have another question, can I contact you?
A: We will be happy to assist you for any issue or guideline related to our site
If you are a member - please login and contact us by open a ticket, we will reply you asap.
If you are not a member yet you can still contact us by clicking on support button in the header.

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